In Game Events

  • All Day Rush Hour
    • Gain bonus experience for each kill during the event. 
      • Date: 1st and 3rd Friday of the Month
      • Start Time: 12:00AM ET
      • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Form Friday
    • Random transformations and God Bless given every 30 minutes during the event.
      • Date: 2nd and 4th Friday of the Month
      • Start Time: 7:00PM ET
      • Duration: 4 Hours

 Server Maintenance

  • Scheduled Server Maintenance
    • The server will have OS updates are applied and the server will be rebooted. Non-emergency code changes will be applied during this maintenance.
      • Date: 15th and Last day of the Month
      • Start Time: 11:00PM ET
      • Duration: Approximately 15 minutes